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What’s the Meaning of “LMAO”?

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Have you come across the abbreviation “LMAO” but are not sure what it means or how to use it? We’re here to help.

What's the meaning of lmao? We'll tell you below.
Do you know what “LMAO” means?

Please excuse our language in this post.

What Does “LMAO” Mean?

  • LMAO is an abbreviation for “laughing my ass off.”
  • It’s written in informal settings (like texting or chatting) to indicate that something is incredibly funny.
    • LMAO! I cannot believe that Sophie fell for the prank. That was too funny.

What Does “LMAO” Stand For?

If you’re texting a friend and something is funny, you might write LOL, which stands for laughing out loud.

But if something is hysterical, then you can use LMAO, which is an abbreviation that means laughing my ass off.

LMAO! Your dog is so funny.

LMAO is a popular abbreviation. Continue reading if you would like to learn a few guidelines that’ll help you always use it properly.

Do you know the meaning of lmao?
“LMAO” is often used in text messages.

How To Use “LMAO”

1. Only use LMAO in informal situations.

Keep in mind that ass can be considered an improper and impolite word. As a result, you should never use LMAO in formal settings. This abbreviation is reserved for casual writing, like on social media platforms or when writing a message or email to a close friend.

2. There are less crude ways of saying it.

If you’re not keen on using vocabulary that can be deemed offensive, you can always write LMBO, which some people use to mean laughing my butt off.

That was a funny joke, mom! LMBO.

3. Think of it as a synonym of LOL, but used for hilarious situations.

Using LMAO is a stylistic choice, which means you can use it (in informal situations) whenever you think it’s necessary. But the rule of thumb is that it’s used when something is funnier than usual.

That was the funniest episode I’ve seen in a while. LMAO!

4. You can add emphasis to it.

LMAO can be all uppercase or lowercase—it’s up to the writer. All caps can add emphasis if need be.

Chris will never step foot in another haunted house, LMAO.

He got so scared, lmao.

Additional “o’s” is another way people add emphasis to LMAO.

LMAOOOOOO, Alexandra’s stand-up was hilarious.

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