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How a LanguageTool Team Account Can Improve Writing

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A LanguageTool Team Account brings many benefits including the Style Guide, Team Dictionary, and more!

Try LanguageTool's Team Account to improve your business's internal and external communication.
A team account includes many features, like the “Style Guide” and “Team Dictionary.”

Why a Team Account Can Benefit Your Business

An individual LanguageTool account is perfect for those who only need to oversee their own writing. But what about those who are running a business and need to ensure that everyone on their team writes in a way that accurately represents their brand? A LanguageTool team account can help with that.

Whether you have a small or large team, optimal communication is one of the most important aspects of running a business. A team account can help your business thrive by:

  • Detecting and correcting common spelling as well as grammar errors
  • Improving you and your team’s style and tone
  • Guaranteeing that important numbers (like IBAN and ISBN) are always input correctly
  • Assuring that names and titles are always correct, whether you or your team members are writing to a potential client or another business

Additionally, LanguageTool supports more than 20 languages, meaning you can expect flawless writing, even if you conduct business internationally.

Screenshot 1: Find all information about your team account in the general settings.
A LanguageTool team account can make sure important names are always spelled correctly.

Which Features Are Included In a Team Account?

A LanguageTool team account facilitates clear and effective communication thanks to its easy-to-use features.

All benefits for an individual account are part of the LanguageTool team account. While writing, it detects spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and room for stylistic improvement. You can always click on the error cards, find the correction, or nix the suggestions.

Screenshot 2: All corrections and suggestions appear in the text field and on the right-hand side.
LanguageTool underscores all types of mistakes directly in the text as well as in the right-hand sidebar. 

Its Style Guide feature, for example, can help make sure your team remains consistent with their writing and maintain all appropriate standards.

Similarly, LanguageTool’s Team Dictionary also benefits your business by helping you and your team avoid costly and unprofessional spelling mistakes, even if the industry-specific word used is not found in conventional dictionaries

Screenshot 3: Example rule of the style guide
After establishing a style guide rule and adding “AllDrinks” to the team dictionary, there are no more corrections left. The e-mail is ready to go. 

The team account allows for integrated user management. You can add up to 20 users and define roles, meaning certain team members can help oversee and customize the Style Guide and Team Dictionary.

If you would like to add more than 20 users to the team account, please contact [email protected].

How To Create a Team Account

Creating a team account is easy. All you have to do is click here and sign up.

Enjoy all premium benefits immediately upon subscribing.
* The specific prices might differ. Please refer to LanguageTool’s website.

How To Manage Different Team Roles

Distinct roles must be assigned to your team members for them to access LanguageTool’s team features. There are four different categories that change editing and access rights. It’s important to remember that there is always one owner (or superuser) for each team.

Can use team features

Can edit team features

Can invite others

Can see paying methods & subscription details





Please note: Team features consist of the Team Dictionary and the Team Style Guide.

Every time a new user is invited to a LanguageTool team account, they automatically become members. To upgrade them or change their status, please follow these steps in the LanguageTool Editor:

  1. Refer to “User Management” in your team settings. 
  2. Grant access by inviting members. They’ll get a notification once you’ve added their email addresses to your account.
  3. Owners or administrators can remove, upgrade, or edit members
  4. If you need more seats for your account, click on “Get more seats”.
  5. The owner is permanently assigned. If you’d like to remove or edit the owner, please contact LanguageTool’s customer service at [email protected].

Where To Find the LanguageTool Editor

Once subscribed to a team account, you can immediately enjoy all the innovative features! Customize the Style Guide and Team Dictionary via the online editor, or on the Mac or Windows App.

Remember, you and your team can use LanguageTool across multiple platforms by adding browser add-ons, integrating it into your Google products, or downloading the iOS app to use LanguageTool on the go.

Communication Is Key

There’s no denying the importance of clear and consistent communication when running a business. A LanguageTool team account can ensure that your team’s writing accurately represents your business by:

  • Making sure your team follows appropriate standards with the Style Guide
  • Helping avoid costly and unprofessional spelling errors with the Team Dictionary
  • Allowing you to oversee and manage the team account

Be at ease with a LanguageTool team account.

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