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Grammar & Punctuation

Incorrect Word Order
example Why I am not living with you? I am am I If this is a question, the word order is probably incorrect. Did you mean “Why am I”… ?
Wrong Use of Tenses & Words
example He did mentioned this earlier. mentioned mention After the auxiliary verb ‘do’, use the base form of a verb. Did you mean “mention”?
Basic Commas
example I am done and you? and , and Possible missing comma found.
Wrong Punctuation
example Teachers are uploading lectures and PPT's to the school website. PPT's PPTs A possessive apostrophe is not correct here. Did you mean “PPTs” (as in ‘more than one PPT’)?
Agreement Errors
example Thanks for all the reply. all the reply all the replies Did you forget to use the plural form here? If not, consider inserting ‘of’ after the determiner ‘all’.
Incorrect Word Combinations
example I like the car who has the big wheels. who that Did you mean “that”? ‘Who’ usually refers to a person, whereas ‘that’ refers to an object.
Advanced Missing Commas
example If it's fine with you go ahead without me you you, Consider inserting a comma after ‘you’ to make the sentence clearer.
Superfluous Commas
example I did that, because I was told so. , because because If the ‘because’ clause is essential to the meaning, do not use a comma before the clause.
In-Depth Punctuation
example Mr Peters told me so. Mr Mr. In American English, use a period after an abbreviation.


Basic Standard Language
example You've gotta new car. 've gotta got a The word ‘gotta’ is informal.
Unofficial Spellings & Non-Standard Forms
example The Super Bowl 56 happened in 2022. Super Bowl 56 Super Bowl LVI Do you want to use the official name including Roman numerals “Super Bowl LVI”?
Different Measurement Units
example It was 12 feet long. 12 feet 12 feet (3.66m) Writing for an international audience? Consider adding the metric equivalent.
example I am able to download the attachment to my local drive. I am able to see the files, but I don't know what to do then. I am able to see I can see You have already used this phrasing in nearby sentences. Consider replacing it to add variety to your writing.
Overused Words & Phrases
example It will take some time to get to a decision get to reach Replace ‘get’ with a more descriptive word to set your writing apart from others.
example In order to achieve anything, you should try. In order to To Consider a shorter alternative to avoid wordiness.
Informal Style Detection
example I will quit my job this month. quit resign from The word ‘quit’ may be considered informal sometimes. Use a more formal alternative in these situations.
Foreign Terms
example They threatened to resign from their jobs en masse. en masse all together To make your text as clear as possible to all readers, do not use this foreign term. Consider using an alternative term.


Incorrect Dates
example I was working on Thursday, April 11, 2011. Thursday, April 11, 2011 The date April 11, 2011 is not a Thursday, but a Monday.
Lack of Clarity
example Although it was raining, but we had the picnic. but - The word ‘but’ is not needed here and should be removed.
Word Confusion
example The court's decision set a key precedence. precedence precedent. Did you mean “precedent”? (As in ‘set an example’)
Double Negation
example Mike thought the instructor would not say nothing to him about that. nothing anything Did you mean “anything”?
Wrong Name in E-Mail
example To: [email protected] | Hello Sophie, Sophie Sophia Did you mean “Sophia”?

Format & Typography

Inconsistent Use of Numbers & Letters
example We heard the same story 5 or six times. 5 or six The numbering is inconsistent as you are switching between digits (1, 2, 3, …) and letters (one, two, three, …). Try to stick to one format if possible.
Incorrect Time and Date Formats
example I just checked and it's 13:14 am. 13:14 am If you are trying to use the 12-hour format, the time notation seems to be incorrect here.
Inconsistent Spacing
example A 30 % increase is sufficient. 30 % 30% In non-scientific texts, do not use a space in ‘30 %’.
Incorrect Currency Formats
example I owe him 100 £ for the car. 100 £ £100 The currency mark is usually put at the beginning of the number.


Basic Typos
example I live in Londonn. Londonn London Possible spelling mistake found.
Misspelled Names & Acronyms
example That would be a serious HIPPA violation. HIPPA HIPAA Did you mean ‘HIPAA’, the “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act”?
Casing Errors
example I know the bill of rights. bill of rights Bill of Rights “Bill of Rights” should be capitalized, as it is a proper noun.
ISBN & IBAN Numbers
example My IBAN is GB82WEST1234569876543. GB82WEST1234569876543 IBAN values starting with ‘GB’ consist of 22 characters (incl. ‘GB’), this one has 21 characters


Character limit per text field
10,000 150,000
All Languages & Dialects
Personal Dictionary
Text Statistics
Personal Style Guide
Picky Mode
Team Features
Sentence rephrasing by A.I.
3 per day


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Common Questions

Make your text sound professional and avoid embarrassing style, punctuation, and grammar mistakes

What means of payment are available to me?

You can complete your LanguageTool subscription with PayPal and credit card. More payment methods will be available soon.

Is there a period of notice?

No, you can cancel your Premium subscription at any time. The subscription will then be automatically terminated at the end of the current payment period and no further debits will take place.

Can I try LanguageTool Premium for free?

LanguageTool offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for all Premium packages. If you are not happy with our service, your subscription can be canceled any time, and you get a refund. No questions asked.

Will my texts be saved?

Texts that you write using the browser add-on are usually not saved. Only texts in the editor are saved for you and can be accessed from all your devices. For further information, please take a look at our privacy policy.

Where can I use LanguageTool?

You can use LanguageTool without a user account in all common browsers and word processors (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice). In addition, the LanguageTool editor including text checker is available as an app for Windows, macOS and iOS if you register for a free LanguageTool account.

What is the difference between LanguageTool and other text correctors like in Word and Gmail?

In addition to basic spellchecking, like it’s done by Word and Gmail, LanguageTool also checks your text for advanced grammar and punctuation issues. Additional intelligent style suggestions are provided to make your writing clear and professional.

Can I use my Premium subscription on multiple devices?

Yes, you can log in to all our apps and extensions with your account and take advantage of Premium across devices at no additional cost to you.

Is the subscription automatically renewed after the contract period expires?

Yes, the subscription is automatically renewed at the selected payment interval. However, you can decide not to renew the subscription at any time and cancel it. The subscription will then be terminated at the end of the current contract period.

Will I receive an invoice with a VAT number?

Yes, if you choose to buy your premium subscription as a business customer, you can provide your VAT number at checkout. In any case, you can always reach out to our support.

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Been searching for a tool like this since switching to chrome. Now I don’t have to leave docs to do my grammar checking. Loving it.



Been searching for a tool like this since switching to chrome. Now I don’t have to leave docs to do my grammar checking. Loving it.



Been searching for a tool like this since switching to chrome. Now I don’t have to leave docs to do my grammar checking. Loving it.