LanguageTool for Students and Scholars

From high school to grad school, book reports to dissertations, LanguageTool makes academic writing easy for everyone.

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Works Everywhere You Write

Check Your Work in All Major Word Processors

Impress your teachers and professors with A+ writing, whether you use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or any other word processor LanguageTool supports.

No More Errors

Perfect Your Prose With LanguageTool

Student life can get hectic. Worry about one less thing with LanguageTool’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation correction. It erases all types of mistakes, no matter how common or complex.

Style Suggestions

Where Academia and Style Meet

LanguageTool goes beyond basic text correction. It also revitalizes academic writing by making stylistic suggestions, like replacing overused phrases with effective vocabulary.

Where Academia and Style Meet

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrase Sentences for Optimal Tone

A creative essay greatly differs from a biology research paper. Either way, LanguageTool can rewrite your sentences to better suit the desired tone.

Paraphrase Sentences for Optimal Tone

Always Go for the Best Words

E-Mails, Essays, Theses, and More

As a college student or high school graduate, you have to write a diversity of text types. LanguageTool can you help with your Bachelor or Master Thesis, your written project, or simply your notes during class.

E-Mails, Essays, Theses, and More

No More Procrastination

Our Editor Ensures a Distraction-Free Setting

You can use the LanguageTool-Editor while being on the bus, on campus, or at home. It can be used from several devices and facilitates an environment free of digressing and procrastination, so your writing is finally done!

Our Editor Ensures a Distraction-Free Setting

Studying Abroad or Taking Foreign Language Courses?

Write Proficiently in 30+ Languages

LanguageTool corrects errors and enhances text in more than thirty languages and dialects. Regardless of where you are or what language you’re using—with LanguageTool, your writing will always be flawless.

+ more than 30 other languages and dialects

Exclusive Educational Discount

Save Money With LanguageTool

Students, teachers, and professors can benefit from LanguageTool’s exclusive educational discount. Receive up to 20% off a Premium subscription if you qualify.