Elevate Your Writing With the Grammar, Spell, and Style Checker for Windows

LanguageTool checks texts for spelling and grammar errors in over thirty languages, enhances your writing with intelligent style suggestions, and supports integration with all of your favorite Windows apps.

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Write Flawlessly— Anytime, Any Place

LanguageTool’s Windows app is so powerful and intuitive, you’ll wonder how you ever wrote without it.

Look Out for Outlook

Have you ever wanted to unsend an email to correct that one annoying spelling mistake? Why not do it right from the start? LanguageTool for Desktop integrates seamlessly with Outlook, making embarrassing typos and questionable grammar a thing of the past.

In a Nutshell

LanguageTool for Desktop makes applying suggestions seamless and easy. Experience uninterrupted, focused work without sacrificing LanguageTool’s advanced features.

Inline Suggestions

Errors are underlined right where you write. Applying suggestions is as easy as pie by simply clicking on them.

Personal Dictionary and Style Guide

There is no registration required for using the app. However, if you log in with your existing LanguageTool user account, all your custom rules and dictionary entries will be respected while checking.

We’re Not Done Yet

This is just the beginning. We are working hard to support all your favorite writing applications. Stay tuned for updates.

For Better Communication—Everywhere

Over are the times of embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes in emails and personal messages. Download LanguageTool for Desktop today and make your communication easy and always on point.