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Professionalize your team's communication with LanguageTool's grammar and style checker

Well-known companies such as Blinkist, German news magazine DER SPIEGEL and over a million private users already trust the LanguageTool browser add-on, which helps them to boost their writing performance significantly. Integrated into your browser, it checks for spelling and grammar errors and provides style suggestions — automatically recognizing the language you are typing in. Allow your employees to benefit from this support by using LanguageTool Premium for your business.


  • Spelling, grammar and style checking — directly in the browser
  • Supports English, Spanish, French, German and many other languages (see below)
  • Detects the language automatically after a few characters are typed
  • Correct errors quickly and easily with a single click
  • Runs automatically on all websites and with almost all web-based applications; can be turned off on any website
  • Personal or company dictionary for words that LanguageTool does not know yet
  • Individual rules can be deactivated if desired
  • Company-wide writing rules, e.g. to avoid outdated product names in customer communication
  • Supports different language variations (e.g. British English vs. American English)
  • Works with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge (from version 83), Safari
  • Integration for Google Docs and Microsoft Word (Word 2016 or later, Windows + Mac + Online)

All detected errors come with a short explanation.

Double-click a word for synonyms.



How do you typically wrote product specifications?
Me alegra de que volvamos a encontrarnos

Upper/lowercase Spelling

Our new supplier is from turkey.
El 15 de Septiembre de 2020.


As it turned out I had an error in my original statement.
out, I
Where did she go.
Use a question mark
Muchas gracias Juan.
gracias, Juan

Writing as one word

We're looking to staff a part time position.

Word confusion

Our team will have there project ready by January.
Me voy a la cuidad.

Wrong date

Join our webinar on Monday, 4th October 2020.
This date is not a Monday, but a Sunday.
The season ends September 31, 2020.
The month of September only has 30 days.
La reunión será el lunes, 4 de octubre de 2020.
Esta fecha no es un lunes sino un domingo.


It's 5 P.M. in the afternoon.
5 P.M.
Tres, cuatro, cinco, etc...
Redundancia. Use «etc.» o «…».


Thanks for your nice welcome.
The word ‘nice’ is often overused. Consider ‘kind’ or ‘friendly’.
A nivel de actores, la película es muy buena.
Es preferible otra expresión: en, con respecto a, en el ámbito de


What is you typical weekday like?
Deberías hacerlo tu.

Wrong tense

Yesterday I run 5 miles in less than 30 minutes.
Cuando ayer lo analice, no vi nada extraño.

Recommended Spelling

Feel free to call me on my smart phone.
The more common spelling for this word is ‘smartphone’.
El ex-presidente no acudió a la cita.

Wrongly used phrases

It's batter to be save then sorry.
better to be safe than sorry


All Saints Day is a Christian festival celebrated in honor of all the saints.
All Saints' Day
Apareció en el 23 de la revista.
n.º, núm., nro.


Our enterprise version is already used by more than 100 companies and organizations to improve their internal and external communication. This is just a small selection:

  • BMW Group
  • Amazon
  • IP Australia
  • Spiegel Magazine
  • MyPostcard
  • Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen (SRF)
  • RingCentral
  • Bertelsmann Stiftung
  • Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)
  • Heise
  • Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
  • Blinkist


If you have more than 250 users, LanguageTool is also available as an on-premise version. Our cloud-based version is fully GDPR-compliant.

Licensing Model and Support

Our annual license fees are based on your number of users. You will regularly receive new versions with enhanced error detection and an updated dictionary. If you use the cloud, the latest version is made available to you automatically.

You can reach our support team on weekdays between 9am and 5pm CET via e-mail.

Supported languages

Fully supported (spelling, grammar, style hints):
English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch

Partially supported (spell checker and many grammar checks):
Arabic, Catalan, Danish, Esperanto, Greek, Irish, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Ukrainian

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