Professional Writers Choose LanguageTool

Regardless of what type of professional text you’re writing, LanguageTool has several features that will help you become a more skilled and efficient writer, like advanced error correction and sentence paraphrasing.

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Always Within Reach

LanguageTool Works Wherever and Whenever

Available as add-ons, apps, browser extensions, and more, LanguageTool supports all the tools professional writers use to excel.

Intelligent Writing Assistant

You Write, LanguageTool Proofreads

Consider LanguageTool your personal writing assistant. You focus on writing; LanguageTool focuses on correcting. Going beyond fixing basic mistakes, LanguageTool also analyzes style, tone, and word choice to enhance your text.

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Style

Corrects Common & Complex Errors

Even the best writers occasionally misspell a word, break a grammar rule, or misplace punctuation. LanguageTool fixes that, but also provides suggestions to elevate style.

Corrects Common & Complex Errors

Sentence Paraphrasing

Paraphrase Sentences To Suit Your Audience

Professional writers know appropriate tone and voice is important. LanguageTool’s rephrasing feature can make your sentences more formal, fluent, simple, or concise.

Paraphrase Sentences To Suit Your Audience

Always Go for the Best Words

E-Mails, Novels, Stories, or Protocols

As a professional writer, you have to write a diversity of text types. LanguageTool can you help with your fiction and non-fictional writing as well as your business e-mailing.

E-Mails, Novels, Stories, or Protocols

No More Procrastination

Our Editor Doesn’t Allow Distractions

Use the LanguageTool-Editor on the train, at your work place, or at home. It can be used from several devices and ensures that you get your project finally done!

Our Editor Doesn’t Allow Distractions

Are You a Multilingual Writer?

Write Flawless Professional Texts in More Than 30 Languages

Regardless of which language or dialect you’re writing in, LanguageTool ensures that your writing is clear, error-free, and stylistically optimized.

+ more than 30 other languages and dialects

Writers Save Time and Work With LanguageTool

Depending on your text type, Picky Mode, the Team Style Guide, or translation suggestions are just a few of the benefits of using LanguageTool as your daily writing assistant.